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 Joe S Blanton, The RED LASER guy, Entrepreneur for Self-Care for Self-Healing! 

Understanding that ALL Energy is a Frequency Vibrating the Information that Creates it, Joe is all about Personal Responsibility for his own Health! It is shifting from Newtonian Physics to Quantum Physics, IT IS SELF-HEALING OR NO HEALING! 

Joe has been an entrepreneur and an advocate for personal freedom and wellness his whole life.  As business owner, a Radio talk show host, speaker, author, consultant, certified trainer in NLP & TimeLine Therapy, a facilitator of experiential retreats in personal communications, leadership, ropes course, emotional clearing and much more.  Joe is qualified and understands wellness better than most. With over 40 years in holistic wellness experience – Joe is passionate about helping people “help themselves”, Help Their Body Heal Itself, and to maintain, improve or re-gain their health, wellness, and prosperity so they can enjoy a better quality of life longer. No one is better to understand it is “Self-Healing or NO healing” than Joe.

Joe was born a blue baby and had a very rough start from birth.  Growing up on a farm in Southern Indiana with Asthma, hay fever, sinus problems and was allergic to everything.   Joe had served in the military in Electronic Warfare with a Top-Secret Security clearance and through that experience Joe saw “behind the curtain” so to speak and became very un-trusting of the government which led him to question the medical practices that is plagued us for century.

Joe Stopped Listening to doctors over 40 years ago, and it took about 2 years of holistic products and practices coupled with life style changes, Joe healed himself of Asthma, hay fever, sinus and a mass of allergies and had been healthy ever since.   Joe’s “quality of life” is amazing ever since. Joe has been lecturing on the power of QUANTUM PHYSICS through ZeroPoint technology to bring self-healing as well as an organic natural solution for the 5G of cell phones and WIFI.  After all, Nature Knows Best.  It is vibration first, manifestation second.  Joe promotes that it is “Self-Healing or No healing”. 

The last 12 years have proven to open many doors and avenues of exciting handheld affordable selfcare tools that anyone can use to help increase the Life Force Energy in our bodies.  Using these selfcare tools relaxes the mitochondria allowing improve cell to cell communication taking the body from sympathetic (fight or flight-stress) to para-sympathetic (relax-restore-heal) in seconds and minutes working at the speed of light. This happens because the optimal wellness frequencies in the selfcare tools bring coherence to the field using what is known as informational energy medicine.

Joe believes it is “Self-Healing or No-Healing”.   And Self-Care and Self-Responsibility is the beginning of the era to have it happen.  Vibrational Cooperation, Energy Medicine, Energetic Healing, Coherent Frequencies that heal in the NOW moment!  Back to the Vibrational basics of creating and restoring the body in humans, animals, plants and even water and more.


VIBRATOINAL SELF-HEALING; All Energy is a Frequency Vibrating the Information (EMF) that Creates it, Learn to Raise your Vibration for self-healing.


VIBRATIONAL SELF-HEALING: Experience how to use the Quantum to Raise your Vibration for self-healing.